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Yael L. (G6 '21)

Modi'in, Israel

I wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for me and taught me during my time at DAT. I am now in Israel and when I went to school on the first day, I understood almost everything in class, even though it was all in Hebrew. Morah Shanit, I learned so much in 6th grade from you and from being in your class. 


DAT is one of the best things that has happened to me. I will always remember it and how much it taught me and really prepared me for making aliyah, before I even knew it was going to happen. Thank you again for making me a better person and teaching me so many meaningful things. 

I love this school so much! If I could give it 6 stars I would... I have had nothing but a fabulous experience. The academics are amazing, and the teachers are phenomenal.


I have formed such strong bonds with my fellow school mates and created amazing friendships. Everyday I learn new ways to connect to my Judaism.

Ellie A. ('21)

Binghamton, NY

Andrea F. 

(Mother of Yoav, '27)

Denver, CO

Denver Academy of Torah is incredible. My kids love it and wake up every day excited to go to school. The teachers are effective and nurturing, and really get to know my kids. They have great friends and a lot of opportunities to work on projects and play with their peers.


The leadership is supportive and knowledgeable on best practices. I have worked in several schools as an educator and DAT is the best they come!

Our Jewish community's basic and core foundation is the Denver Academy of Torah (DAT). DAT educates future Jewish leaders. DAT unites Jews. DAT keeps the Denver Jewish community vibrant, flourishing and strong.

DAT is the only modern orthodox, Torah observant, Zionistic – with remarkable Secular and Judaic studies – school in Denver and the Rocky Mountain region.

Simply put, it is the BEST Jewish day school.

Paul D.

(Father of Chloe, G7'19)

Ra'anana, Israel

Incredible school. My son loves going to school and is excited every day. As parents we feel supported and we have always had great communication with the teachers. I am so thankfully to have this school in my 'back yard.'

Talia H.

(Mother of David, '33)

Denver, CO

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