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COVID-19 Family Resource Page

Our Approach:

  • Our intention is to maximize the time we spend with our students in person and on our campus.

  • The management of classes and all activities will be guided first and foremost by the health and safety of our students and staff. 

  • We will follow all governmental guidelines as we examine the best practices for every aspect of campus life, including classroom learning, tefillah, lunchtime, recess, physical education, and social emotional learning. 

  • We will work to provide the greatest continuity of learning possible for our school community.


Who is Guiding Us:

  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

  • Colorado Department of Education

  • Denver Department of Public Health and Environment

  • Denver Academy of Torah Task Force 


  • Information Sharing: 

    • Local independent and Jewish Day schools and national Jewish Day Schools throughout the country

    • Prizmah

    • ACIS


Returning to School:

Mitigation Strategies: 

  • Masks- Required for all students in K-12 and faculty and staff

  • Distancing

    • Students in K-5 should maintain a minimum of 3 feet but 6 feet is preferred.  This goes for desks as well.

    • For students in 6th- 12th grade we need to “work toward 6 feet”.

    • For faculty and staff- keep a minimum of 6 feet from each other and students. 

  • Cohorts

    • K-5 is a cohort, 6th-8th is a cohort and 9th- 12th. 

    • Closures are based on K-5 and 6th-12th Grade due to shared teaching staff. 

  • Hand Washing/Sanitizing

    • All Students should wash/sanitize their hands

    • When arriving at school

    • Before and after eating, including snacks

    • Before and after P.E./Recess/Any Sports

    • Before and after changing rooms

  • Screening

    • Parents Check Symptoms daily

    • Students and Faculty are checked when arriving at school

    • Faculty and Staff and 6th-12th Grade Students are checked twice a day


Parents: Your Role:

  • Sign our Parent Covenant and commit to doing your part to keep our community healthy

  • Screen your child daily for symptoms before bringing your child to school

    • Sick children need to stay home. 

    • Click here for the CDPHE Home Checklist for Parents 

    • Pick up child up immediately if you child is sick during the school day 

      • How long does my children have to stay home after being sick? Click here

  • Report Exposure: If your child has been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, tell us and keep your child at home. 

  • Report absences to or call 720.859.6806 and share with us your child’s symptoms so we can keep track. 

  • Be kind and compassionate to each other! We are all in this together. 

Parents: Changes that You Need to Know

  • Schedule Changes, K-8 Drop Off Procedures, and More- Check your emails or questions to

Closure Scenarios


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