Your Guide to DAT’s Yom Limmud Sponsorship

Each day at DAT offers a novel experience, a great idea, a fresh approach, and an engaged student body eager to learn. Yom Limmud is an exceptional opportunity for you to dedicate a school day in honor of your child, to remember a loved one or to celebrate an important day. We will recognize your sponsorship and your special occasion or relationship in our DATline newsletter, during morning announcements, and on a large sign at the entrance to the school for the  entire week of your Yom Limmud. Days will not be exclusive, so you can choose any day you wish, even if someone else chooses the same day. Here are some Yom Limmud examples:
  • “This Yom Limmud יום לימוד is dedicated to our children, [NAME(S)] and the entire DAT community by [FAMILY NAME] with best wishes on the first day of school for a wonderful school year.”
  • “This Yom Limmud יום לימוד  is dedicated to [NAME(S)] in honor of her birthday by her loving parents/grandparents [NAME(S)].”
  • “This Yom Limmud יום לימוד  is sponsored by [BUSINESS] in honor of our childrens’ teachers [NAMES] at DAT.”  
  • “This Yom Limmud יום לימוד  is sponsored by [NAME] in memory of our beloved [NAME]” on the anniversary of their yahrzeit.
Would you like to sponsor a Yom Limmud? Please contact Emily Dauber at 720-859-6806 or