Davening at Denver academy of torah

Building a meaningful and consistent practice of tefillah (prayer) is a goal that we have for all of our students. Please see below for the tunes that are associated with each daily prayer as recorded by former Denver Academy of Torah Teacher Eli Bilmes. Please note that you may need to increase your speaker volume.

The page numbers correlate to the Artscroll Hebrew/English siddur, followed by the Hebrew-only siddur.

1. Mah Tovu | p. 12, p. 6

This prayer is recited by Ashkenazi Jews upon entering the synagogue.

2. Adon Olam | p. 12, p. 6

This is the final prayer of the musaf service on Shabbat morning and festivals. It can also be found in the bedtime prayers and is recited on one’s deathbed

3. Yigdal | p. 12, p. 7

Based on the Rambam’s “13 Principles of Faith,” this prayer is recited during weekday morning prayers in the Ashkenazic tradition and is the final prayer of the Friday evening service in the Sephardic tradition.