Our Academic Philosophy

We are dedicated to creating well-rounded students with a deep knowledge of Judaic studies and traditional, general studies. We also place a strong emphasis on independent thinking and encourage our students to constantly question and examine teachings, allowing them to develop and refine their own perspectives on religious understandings. This perspective is reflected in both the religious and general studies topics we study.

Talmud, which is studied in middle school and high school, is a corpus of law made up of questions, dialogue, and debate related to Jewish law. No question is taboo at DAT, and independent and critical thought is encouraged in both general and Judaic studies.

The integration of Torah and General Studies allows students to see how their Torah Studies can be enriched by general culture and how their general studies can be inspired and informed by Torah values.


Our General Studies curriculum is designed to challenge students to think critically and creatively— students are encouraged to pursue their intellectual interests.

Torah at DAT


Love, appreciation, and reverence for Torah are the critical components of a Torah- and mitzvah-observant Jew. These tenets allow a strong commitment to HaShem and to the Jewish people. We foster intellectual honesty, a spirit of objectivity, respect for diversity of views, as well as the equality and dignity of all people.

Daven like denver academy of torah

We believe in creating an environment where Torah is at the forefront, introspection is encouraged, and open discussions lead to deeper understanding of religion, education and our world. We are committed to striving for equal emphasis on an excellent general studies curriculum as well as an outstanding textual-based Modern Orthodox Jewish education curriculum.

As we work with students at all ages, we strive to nurture a Denver Academy of Torah graduate who will possess a strong set of beliefs and philosophies and respect the inherent value of an outstanding general studies education.

Additionally, the ideal Denver Academy of Torah graduate will embody the following behaviors:

Our graduates also possess a specific set of skills and body of knowledge relating to Torah study, the Oral tradition, Hebrew language, Jewish law, character education, prayer and the geography of the prayer book, Jewish history, and the State of Israel. Our graduates will also have acquired strong written and oral communication skills, an appreciation for literature and the ability to critically evaluate information. Further, graduates will have a foundation in science, math, social studies and literature which will allow them to pursue a wide variety of advanced degrees.


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